About the only business in the neighborhood when Advanced Medical Imaging opened at 76th Street and Pioneers Boulevard in 2001 was the Hy-Vee store six blocks to the west.


The area has grown tremendously since then, and so has the medical practice.


In fact, “We’ve kind of grown out of our space,” said Dr. Eric Vander Woude, an interventional radiologist who is one of the owners of the business.


In addition to X-rays, MRIs and mammograms, Advanced Medical Imaging has added interventional and cosmetic procedures among other medical services. It now has about 30 radiologists and dozens of support staff.


To deal with that growth, Advanced Medical Imaging is planning to grow its physical footprint.


On Wednesday, the Lincoln-Lancaster County Planning Commission approved an expansion of the company’s use permit so that it can build a new building next to its current one.


The new building, which will be more than 10,000 square feet, will be an ambulatory surgical center that will allow the practice to offer more outpatient vascular and interventional radiology procedures, such as angioplasties and stent placement.


Plans call for the new building to be connected to the existing 24,000-square-foot one with an administrative wing that will contain offices.


Construction is expected to start in June, with a tentative opening date for the new facility of May 2019, said Georgia Blobaum, Advanced Medical Imaging’s operations director.


The company filed two building permits Tuesday worth $6.3 million.


Before construction can start, however, an existing building that houses the Pioneer Gymnastics Academy must be demolished. Advanced Medical Imaging bought the building in June for a little over $1 million.


Pioneer Gymnastics is planning a new facility just west of the Tractor Supply store at 90th Street and Nebraska 2.


Owner Ed Aasen said he hopes to start construction in the next few weeks and have the facility open in the fall. At 20,000 square feet, it will be more than double the size of Pioneer’s current facility.


Aasen said he is in the process of finalizing plans for a temporary location for the gymnastics school over the summer.


By Matt Olberding, Lincoln Journal Star, 

Original article: http://bit.ly/ASCarticle