Shoulder Pain


Interventional radiologists at Advanced Medical imaging have a minimally invasive procedure that can treat shoulder tendonitis, one of the most common forms of shoulder pain. Shoulder tendonitis is caused by overworking or straining the tendons and muscles in the shoulder. This is common in people who consistently work overhead or consistently lift weight. This strain causes microscopic tears in the tendons, causing swelling and pain.

Once diagnosed, patients should try conservative therapies such as rest, ice, physical therapy, and cortisone injections. If positive changes are not seen with a few months, patients are eligible for a Tenex consultation. Consultations do not require a physician’s referral.

Tenex Health TX™ was designed in collaboration with the MAYO Clinic. Using ultrasound visualization, interventional radiologists pinpoint the exact location and specifically break-down and extract damaged tissue, leaving the surrounding healthy tissue undisturbed. Tenex achieves similar outcomes to open surgery, but is minimally invasive and can be performed under local anesthesia in a nonsurgical setting. Patients enjoy less discomfort and quicker recovery times versus traditional surgical procedures. A boot will be required for two to four weeks after the procedure with most patients returning to normal activities within four to eight weeks.

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