About AMI

Advanced Medical Imaging (AMI) is the largest independent radiology group in Nebraska. AMI’s mission is to provide compassionate, patient-focused care through regional awareness, advanced technology, unsurpassed operational excellence, teamwork, and leadership.

Advanced Medical Imaging’s history started over 70 years ago with the founding of the group Radiology Associates. The original partnership included Dr. John T. McGreer, Jr., Dr. J. Marshall Neely and Dr. Orvis A. Neely and formed in 1947. The group became a professional corporation as Radiology Associates, P. C. (RAPC) in 1970. In 2001, the then 10 physicians of RAPC opened the doors of Advanced Medical Imaging in Lincoln, the first full service digital imaging center in Nebraska.

The physicians of Advanced Medical Imaging provide service for their full-service imaging clinic in Lincoln, critical access hospitals across Nebraska, and various clinics around the region.

Diagnostic Radiology

AMI’s board-certified radiologists interpret images from a variety of scans to help locate and diagnose internal abnormalities. Patients usually will not see a diagnostic radiologist during their visit. Techs, who specialize in collecting images, assist the patients and relay the images to AMI’s physicians. The radiologists then work to ensure that the results of their diagnosis reaches the patient’s referring physicians promptly.

To ensure the highest quality of care, Advanced Medical Imaging has the largest number of subspecialists in the area. Having physicians who have dedicated years of their lives to hone their skills in specific areas, means better diagnostic capabilities and patient care. Fellowship trained subspecialists within Advanced Medical Imaging include Pediatric, Musculoskeletal, Body Imaging, Nuclear Medicine, and Neuroradiology, which diagnoses abnormalities in the central and peripheral nervous system, spine, and head and neck.

Lincoln, Nebraska

Advanced Medical Imaging’s full-service radiology facility located at 7601 Pioneers Boulevard provides a high-quality, low-cost imaging option for Southeast Nebraska. The Lincoln location’s offerings include MRI, CT, PET-CT, DEXA, nuclear medicine, biopsies and X-rays. More mammograms are performed at the AMI Women’s Center than any other private office in the state. AMI physicians also complete diagnostics on images for many clinics in the area and provide all of the radiology services for Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital.

Critical Access Hospitals

AMI physicians provide radiology services to Critical Access Hospitals throughout rural Nebraska and Iowa. Many of Advanced Medical Imaging radiologists come from a rural background are passionate about ensuring the high quality care that is available in urban areas is also available to rural residents of the Nebraska and Iowa. Although it is common in the industry, AMI does not utilize an over-night service for emergency calls. Their radiologists are on call 24/7 to provide the best care when patients need it most.

Vascular & Interventional Radiology

AMI has a growing number of Interventional Radiologists. These physicians are the surgeons of radiology and are able to treat conditions with image-guided minimally invasive procedures. Common interventional radiology (IR) procedures completed include pain relief, vein disorders, oncology and aesthetics. Advanced Medical Imaging is always receptive to expanding IR services to communities that have the demand for these specialized procedures. 

PACS Archive Solutions

In order to serve hundreds of clinics seamlessly, Advanced Medical Imaging has worked diligently to create solutions that make storing and transferring images as efficient as possible. AMI constantly works with application developers to make sure physicians and technologists can easily transfer and view images on any device at any time. As well as instant teleradiology transfers, AMI also offers an archive storage service on images that do not need to be read. For more information on how your office can take advantage of this convenient service contact Georgia Blobaum at Blobaum@AMImaging.com.

Pre-Authorization Services

Patient-focused care is the cornerstone of Advanced Medical Imaging’s mission and is the reason AMI offers pre-authorization services. By taking the hassle away from referring offices, patients are able to be seen faster. AMI preauthorization professionals work with private and public health coverage on a daily basis and have a level of expertise most office staff do not have the time to achieve. For more information on how your office can take advantage of this convenient service contact Erin Lichter at ELichter@AMImaging.com.