AMI Mammo Club



The mission of the AMI Mammo Club is to promote proactive breast health awareness by providing reminders for monthly self-exams and annual screenings. The club also acts as a community between those who are actively screening, fighting or living in remission.

How to Join

To receive monthly gifts, members must have received a mammogram at AMI within the past 12 months. Anyone who is passionate about breast health is welcome to follow the AMI Mammo Club Facebook page.

Picking up your Gift

AMI has a Mammo Club kiosk located in the vestible of the AMI entrance. The touch screen is easy to operate- simply enter your Mammo Club email and your gift will dispense. *Note: You MUST provide an email to be a member of the club.


Gift of the Month

January: Bend-a-Bottle

Start the year off right with a bend-a-bottle. This month’s gift can help you stay hydrated while you are on the go. The 16 oz. bottle can be folded for portability. It can also be frozen and hung by its carabiner.