Breast Screening & Diagnosis

AMI Radiologists specialize in high-risk screening and breast diagnosis.

Breast Screening plans should be determined based on a patient’s risk level. Women with an average risk should begin screening mammograms at age 40. Women with a higher risk may need to start sooner or include other screening options in their preventative plan.

Factors that can put women at a higher risk for breast cancer include:

  • Personal history of breast cancer, lobular carcinoma, or atypical hyperplasia
  • Close relative diagnosed with breast cancer before age 50
  • Heterogeneously dense or extremely dense breast tissue*
  • Lifetime Breast Cancer Risk Score over 20%*
  • Three or more family members in one lineage with any form of cancer
  • More than one cancer in a family member
  • Radiation treatment to the chest area between ages 10-30
  • BRCA, ATM, CHEK2, PALB2, TP53 or PTEN gene mutations
    *Determined and included with every screening mammogram at AMI

Men and women with any kind of lump or new breast abnormality should receive a diagnostic mammogram right away. Once a diagnostic mammogram has been completed, there may be need for other diagnostics techniques to diagnose the irregularity.

Breast Diagnosis imaging procedures include:
Stereotactic Biopsy
Image Guided Biopsy
Cyst Aspiration

Why should you get a mammogram at AMI?

We’ll let real AMI Mammo Club members tell you why they think breast screening is important…

"Because the earlier they find it the better your chances. AMI kept an eye on me after a spot changed on my mammogram... was at stage one... if I wasn't getting checked could have been bad. Everyone needs to check at home too."

- Brigette

"It is important for early detection of breast cancer that can save your life. A few minutes of discomfort definitely out weighs death from breast cancer."

- Keri

"Early detection is so important. Mine and my sister’s was caught early. We are blessed. I had a mammogram in July and have to have another in January because there’s another spot they are watching and if it turns out to be cancer I know it was detected early. AMI is awesome!"

- Connie

"Early detection! Taking care of yourself and getting checked at any sign of anything abnormal."

- Kellie

"Important for early detection, lives are saved. Be aware of your body and question something that does not seem right."

- Debbie

"I have lost too many friends and family to this horrible disease. Absolutely early detection might save your life!!"

- Nicky

"It saved my mom and a few of my friends. Some of them would not have found their cancer if they hadn't had a mammogram. The resources also made more in-depth examination for something I found. The squeeze is worth it!!!"

- Susan

"Early detection is crucial! My mother had her yearly mammogram and early breast cancer was found. She had surgery and radiation only. She is still here today years later because she had her yearly"

- Jane

"Prevention, early detection and lifesaving results!"

- Brenda

"To be aware of what is going on in your body and staying healthy."

- Cheryl

"I never had a mammo and found my lump Halloween night 23 years ago. Several surgeries, months of chemo, no hair and early morning sleepiness which lead me to watch ever John Wayne movie made, thanks to a neighbor's collection, lead me to faithfully have a screening done every July. I encourage all ladies to begin this yearly test NOW. I wish I had."

- Peggy

"My maternal Grandma had breast cancer, Mom had breast cancer, and I had benign lumps found at 35."

- Julie 

- Tracy

"Regular breast checkups can help save you later. And helps you be aware of breast health."

- Amanda

"It saves lives including my own. I was only 44 when they found mine, Two different types of cancer - one was a very aggressive type of cancer needless to say I had a mastectomy & go every year for my left one & have a chest x-ray for my left side please do this as it can save your life. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤"

- Bev

"My mom battled breast cancer for almost 10 years before she passed! After her diagnosis, we found out there is a family history. She taught me the importance of regular screening. She waited too long, had she gotten in earlier, perhaps she would still be here with me today! I miss her so much every day! She left this earth in May 2003 at the much to young age of 58...😞😞. She was a fighter and never gave up hope for a cure!"

- Stacey

"I have friends that have survived breast cancer because of regular screenings. I have one done every year."

- Darla

"It was a yearly screening that found mine! Because I started early since I was adopted and didn't know my history. I was 43 when I was diagnosed! Because I did yearly exams, they caught it very early."

- Paula

"Screening is so important in discovering early tumors or problems in your breast. Many lives are saved due to screenings and early detection is the key. All women need to have their mammograms yearly unless your Dr recommends them more often. Mammograms save lives!! 💕💕"

- Lori

"I wish my great grandma had screening. But we’re lucky enough to live in a time when they can catch things much earlier. Better safe then sorry."

- Lynn

"Because I have cysts and I want to be 100% sure it is nothing more. My life is too important and so are the lives of every woman out there!"

- Kimberly

"Regular screenings are so very important to get an early diagnosis so treatment can get started right away so you can continue to live your life... ❤"

- Julie

"Because in the past two years I have had three friends and two family members diagnosed with breast cancer!!"

- Susan

"Breast screening is the single most important and easy thing you yourself can do to show how much you love yourself and for everyone that means anything at all to you in your life."

- Sue

"I am doing yearly mammograms to teach my daughter to value herself & her health."

- Erica

"The mammogram can find something before it can even be felt during a manual exam. They found my tiny lump, did the ultrasound, and decided to do the biopsy quickly. As luck would have it, mine was benign, but I was so grateful that AMI got me in for the biopsy so quickly! The waiting is always the hardest part. Thanks to everyone there!"

- Janice

"Saves lives. I am 12 years in remission. Sister is 8 years. Cousin is 3 times winner and last 19 years out. Being aware of your body and early dedication can save your life. Be strong and keep on fighting."

- Donna 

"I just had a bilateral mastectomy on Aug. 28. I had a lumpectomy 3 years ago that was caught early, and due to faithful mammograms, my second diagnosis was also caught early. I would have a much different outcome had I not been vigilant with my mammograms. I need no chemo or radiation. Ladies do not neglect yourselves. The short amount of pain from a mammogram is nothing compared to the pain of chemo and radiation."

- Jean

"They alerted me to a tumor, I could not feel nor did it show up on an ultrasound. Thank you so much for your expertise."

- Sue

"It keeps women and their families aware of the possibilities of cancer in their family as well as options to live healthier lives."

- Christina

"I lost an aunt to breast cancer, she beat it 3 times...I want to live a long healthy life for my family."

- Lori 

"Get your mamo every year. My mom died from it. They need to check your boobies ladies."

- Gina

"Yearly or bi-yearly *in my case* screenings are important to me because I want to be here for my kids and my husband. As someone who has a high breast cancer rate in her family, I am so thankful for AMI and their amazing staff. I have been coming here for my mammograms for four years now and always feel confident that I am getting the best care!"

- Catherine

"It saved my life! I give myself the mammogram appointment every year for my birthday! That way I never forget when it’s due😊 And keeps an eye on any areas of concern"

- Roni

"Early detection can save your life at any age!"

- Tricia

"For my family! Important to take care of the one who takes care of everyone else."

- Kim

"It’s been proven, early detection saves lives. Ladies, it’s important to get your yearly mammograms done! 🌸💓"

- Cathy

"Regular mammograms are essential in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. Mine was found because my doctor sent me two letters reminding me of a six month checkup that needed. I am now an 11 year survivor! 💞"

- Beth

"To be fully informed. It takes away the guessing and wondering especially if you have a family history."

- Lisa

"I think it’s very important to have the screening to help detect things early and try and save lives."

- Diane

"Breast screening is so important for early detection, it could save your life!!! It's taking the time to take care of yourself for you, and your loved ones! 🎗"

- Eva

"I have no doubt that mammogram saved my life. In 2004 my annual Mammogram detected a tumor that neither I or my provider could feel. I gratefully return each year."

- Deb

"Have had many great Aunts die from breast cancer. One can do self breast exams but it is what you do not feel that can kill you."

- Dixie

"Early detection is key! I need to be around to watch my boys grow up!"

- Cat

"Breast screening is important for early detection if any problems & saves lives."

- Sandra

"Because all girls matter! Save the mama's and the daughters, the family, friends, freinemies, the teachers, the lovers, the haters and every other girl too!"

- Alicia

"Screening can catch cancer early and save lives."

- Ann

"My mother had breast cancer and kicked it’s ugly butt!!! So I always am proactive. Plus I want to live a healthy life so I can enjoy my children & grandchildren for years to come"

- Sharon

"For the health of my daughter and granddaughter and all young women!"

- Pat 

"I want to live a long healthy life so I can enjoy my children and future grandchildren."

- Gretchen

"To save lives. To be there for your family."

- Sherri 

"To save your life!"

- Angela

"To take care of yourself!"

- Kay 

"We need to be diligent and proactive in our health and regular screenings help with this."

- Cathy

"Gives you a peace of mind that you are doing everything you can to live a healthy life."

- Lori

"Important... so we can live to see and make a difference in the world!"

- Toninette

"Early detection, might save your life or the life of someone you love!"

- Shirley

"Plain and simple... it can save your life ❤"

- Kathy

"Catching it early can help save your life...take control of your health!"

- Heidi

"Early detection is the key. Have to get smashed to keep doing the dash!!!"

- Tami

"Early detection is best!!! 💗"

- Nancy

"Breast screening is important because YOU ARE IMPORTANT!!!"

- Dawn

"Because it saved my friend!"

- Tami

"The earlier detected the better!"

- Lois

"Enjoy life longer."

- Jennifer

"Peace of mind and a healthy outlook."

- Robyn

"It has saved many friends."

- Joyce

"It is important for early detection of breast cancer that can save your life. A few minutes of discomfort definitely out weighs the results from breast cancer.."

- Kimberly